Tonight’s the night!

Posted by For Inventors at 29 September, 2009, 12:35 pm

Hello all! I hope you all have your DVR’s set for 8:00. The hype is pretty cool! They are leaking all kinds of little teasers. On Friday I appeared on a local TV show called LowCountry Live. Here is the clip from that:

Tonight I’ll be on twitter at #sharktank while the show is airing. I’m having my very closest friends and family around me to share in the moment. We are keeping it small because it’s going to be hard watching it. In case you don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle, this was all about Shark Tank and I couldn’t say anything:

I’ll be reliving “the event” for the 3rd time. It will be hard, but in a strange way, I feel closer to Pa when doing Shark Tank stuff. The two events are so intertwined for me that I can’t really separate the two. A physiatrist would have a field day with me!

So I have done all I can do. Every buyer I know has been made aware, every media outlet I can think of has been notified, and now it’s out of my hands. Hopefully my dream of having Grill Charms™ in every home with a BBQ is on its way to fruition! (Okay… so maybe that dream is a TAD bit lofty, but if you’re gonna dream, dream BIG right?!)

Tonight I’m going to try to tweet as much as I can live during the show. To follow I’m

The Sharks are

@ BarbaraCorcoran

You can join me tonight at #sharktank. If you don’t know much about twitter (and believe me, I’m no expert) and want to join in on the party, I’ll give you the REAL easy 411.

Sign up for an account at then go to and you’ll be asked “Hashtag to follow” and simply put sharktank. You will then be in on all conversations “shark tank”.

If I don’t see you tonight, I’ll write when I can REALLY talk about what happens in the tank! Start chumming the waters!

Leslie Haywood, Founder and President of Charmed Life Products, Inventor of Grill Charms™

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7 Responses to “Tonight’s the night!”

Greg Tufaro September 29, 2009

Congratulations! Brilliant idea. I hope you go far!

Stephanie September 29, 2009

These are such a great idea! My husband and I were watching and it is definitely something I would buy as a gift for friends or coworkers. Best of luck to you in your future, I know you will be a huge success! :)

Lorie VanWerden September 29, 2009

I loved it! You had all of them fighting over you!! Great job. Would love to be a part of your selling team – I sent you an email and so sorry, I spelled your first name wrong -
LESLIE, it would be great to hear back from you. I like your style and from the looks of your website you are doing all the right things!
Wishing you continued success,

Kate Gover September 30, 2009

Great job Leslie on Shark Tank last night! You really rocked it a a inventor and WAHM and inspired me to continue with my ventures. You handled yourself fantastically. Wish you much success with growing your business.

Kate Gover
Boston Gold Party

Charleston Fan September 30, 2009

Hey Leslie! I reside in Charleston. When clips of our lovely city started off the show last night I got very excited. I want to congratulate you on your story (I am a male, but I come from a family of survivors, keep on surviving!). I was very impressed with your success before SharkTank and even more proud that a southern girl could bring it to the Sharks like you did! I must ask… how has the business improved since taking Rob’s offer?

Anjanette October 1, 2009

Hi Leslie,

I saw you on shark tank last night! What a great idea you have………I am defintely going to be buying these for the “hard to buy” for christmas….Who isn’t going to love this invention! Wishing you great success……….

Leslie Haywood October 1, 2009

Thank you all so much for your comments. I am amazed at folk’s reaction to the show. With the passing of my father, this was about so much more then “the deal” for me. So far business is wonderful! Robert and I communicate several times a week and I think you’ll be seeing even bigger things from Grill Charms ;)