Aug 18

Where’s My Dust Pan?…It’s Time To Get Back To Work!

Well it’s final. I return to product development tomorrow Tuesday, August 18th, with my business partner/engineer Mark Deadrick with

After a complete four month hiatus from the ‘inventing world’, I am ready to hit the ground running full force with a simple plastic product for children.

Let me quickly recapture where I was before I took my break, and I promise to fill in many more details in subsequent blogs.

As many in my inventing circle know, I started my inventing career 2 years ago with a product called HipSnugger Waistbands, formerly known as Cinch-Eaze Waistbands, a way to adjust children’s waistbands without sewing.

After about a year of product development and a subsequent quick, successful three month sales period, I licensed this product to a Canadian manufacturer which also functions as a distributor. (So much more on this later.)

Finding myself empty handed, I intentionally diverted my attention away from HipSnugger Waistbands (because I knew sitting around and just waiting would not make any processes like manufacturing and sales go any faster) and threw myself into the fascinating world of the ‘inventor’ with activities such as writing for Inventor’s Digest as well as facilitating meetings for a local inventing group I founded called Parent Innovators.

About six months ago, I had another idea for a product, but found myself in debt. I was stuck. However, being inventive as I am, I created a joint business with my partner Mark who I mentioned above.

Mark needed someone to do his marketing and public relations for his products and I needed someone to design and make prototypes for my ideas. Naturally our business formed.

Before my hiatus, which I will talk about in another blog post, Mark and I came up with a solution (invention) to a big problem my children and I were facing on a daily basis.

We were so close to a licensing deal with this product with a major company, that the final ‘No’ we received was a big blow to me and my ’steam’. After working two years non-stop, pouring my heart and soul into my work, burn-out hit me like a ton of bricks.

It was time for me to take a much needed break, and conviniently this realization coincided with my girls and their summer vacation.

So after enjoying a four month vacation from work, I am back in one piece and this time even more determined to get back into the game and make things work.

However, this time, Mark and I decided to bring our product to market ourselves. Licensing is NOT in the cards this time around. And you are all invited on our adventure.

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