Jun 25

Guilt over biz trips is unneccessary baggage!

What an honor to be invited to speak with the mompreuner community today!  What a pleasure to spend the day with the smart, dynamic women who are a major force in our economy… all while raising happy, healthy kids!

Today, we’re talking about an almost inevitable part of doing business today - business travel.  After writing my children’s book, My Mommy’s on a Business Trip, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with tons of moms, road warriors and those who just travel occasionally, who are wracked with guilt about leaving their kids behind and heading for the airport.  Some feel guilty about the time away, and some feel guilty that they are actually looking forward to the trip!

I believe your time away is GOOD for your kids, the person left behind to care for them, and you.  We’ll talk a lot about this today, as well as stories about our trips - the good and bad.  Let’s share the sad stories to offer support to one another and our tips and tricks to help the next trips go much better.   Let’s also talk about the upside - what we love about our trips  how we make the most of them.  One of my favorite parts of business travel is the moment when I walk in the door after a trip and hear that delightful, high pitched yell of  “Mommy!”  Then 40 pounds comes rushing into my arms and I get a big squeeze around my neck.  I can’t think of many things better than that!

Where do you find your self on the Mommy Guilt Meter - guilty about having to go on the trip, or guilty that you’re happy about going?  Why?

Posted by momprenuer, Phaedra Cucina, author of the children’s book, My Mommy’s on a Business Trip.

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June 25, 2009

Great post - it really hits home. As much as I have tried to rid guilt from my life - it just hasn’t quite happened.

I don’t feel guilty about going since I only travel about 3-4x/year. And I usually don’t feel guilty about enjoying the time away since I know a happier mom is a better mom.

My guilt usual resides in the fact of leaving all of the work and responsibility to someone else - usually my husband. Not sure why this one bothers me the most, but it does. Although, it doesn’t stop me enough from enjoying every minute I can with great meals and good sleep!

Renee Trudeau
June 27, 2009

When I travel, one of the bennies upon returning is hearing how my husband and son really connected and had some special time together. They do things differently–scrambled eggs or smoothies for dinner–and often even come up with new ideas for getting things done (a few minutes of piano practice in between dinner and wrestling time rather than in the morning). I think it’s good for all of us–particularly my son. Thanks for inviting me to pause and think about this a bit Phaedra, good post!

Kim DeYoung
August 12, 2009

Hi Phaedra,
One of the tools I’ve used for my children is to remind them that while I may physically not be with them, I am always in their heart and they are in mine. At 7, 10 and 11, this is still really helpful for all of us to stay grounded during my mommy travels.
I’d love to bring you on board to speak for my community.
Take care,

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