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Subject: Summer Strategies – Part 2 – BE PROACTIVE to avoid cancellations

Summertime can present its own unique set of challenges in the party plan business. Our last email tip discussed the “why’s” of those challenges. For the next several days we will be offering some solutions.

Hostess coaching is always a critical aspect of our business, however in the summertime, it is more essential than ever. Stay in close touch with summer hostesses giving them specific strategies to help their parties to be successful.

Strategy 1 – OVER INVITE! Normally we say double the number you’d like to attend; for a summer hostess that should be triple…(Yes, we did say triple).

Help her to remember people from a variety of places in her life. She should not just invite neighbors or her Bunko Group. She should invite people from a variety of areas of her life. What does she do? Does she work or volunteer? Does she attend church or does she belong to any clubs? How about the wives of men her husband works with? Also, don’t forget the mothers or mother-in-laws of any and all of the guests on her list. You get the idea.

Strategy 2 – Personal invitations are KEY! TRUE STORY - TSF received a party invitation of someone we’d been in a small church group with several years ago. We’ve since lost touch so it was a bit of a surprise to receive her invitation to a home party! While she typed a personal note and included it in the hand written invitation (that described the wonderful dessert to be served); TSF has to admit that (shame on us), set it aside and promptly forgot about it. Imagine how embarrassed we were to find it amongst a stack of bills, the date long since past. A personal invitation via the phone or at the very least, a reminder call, would certainly have made this date more of a priority!

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Angela Green
June 23, 2009

You have some great, practical strategies so hostesses do not waste their time. I’m highlighting Direct Sales blogs on WAHM Talk Radio this week and will send readers your way!

[...] Running into party cancellations this summer?  Stephanie Hay, the “Direct Sales Mom” with Mompreneurs Online, gives specific hostess strategies for summer party planning to Be Proactive to Avoid Cancellations [...]

June 24, 2009

This is all SO very true and VERY helpful for those starting out! This is your business, control it :)

Direct Sales
July 2, 2009

Just want to make sure everyone is aware that these postings are from emails I receive from The Success Factory.

I always start out by saying where the posts are from but want to make sure everyone is aware that these great ones aren’t mine….rofl

July 13, 2009

Just found this site. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s tips on how to get more exposure to my online biz.


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