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If it Ain’t Broke…

As a freelance writer, I am always looking for my next gig. From networking to checking websites, this is practically a full-time job in itself. It is also overwhelming and exhausting. You always feel like there is more you can do, more places you should be listing your resume, more sites you should be trolling for jobs. And in my haste, I have gone to sites and spent hours uploading my work only to find out that potential clients offer what isn’t even minimum wage for most of the jobs they post. This is my own fault because I should have done my due diligence in the first place and even though a site may have been recommended to me, I should have perused to see what the pay was before wasting all that time. The bottom line is there are sites that pay off for me and I need to continue to know that they will pay dividends.

And you should do the same. I know that I command a pretty penny for my services. I have 15 years experience doing Marketing and Copywriting so where I might look for a job, is vastly different from where a newbie might look. And when I went freelance, I did adjust my rate and take things that paid less because I needed to build up my portfolio. This has helped me get work I might not have gotten before so it was worth it to work for a little less. But you also need to understand your value and have confidence in what you do. If you keep settling and working for pennies, you will never get back to where you deserve to be.

So don’t waste time trying all these new things and stressing over your next gig. Use what worked in the past for you and trust that it will again. Have faith in yourself, write everyday - a blog post, an email, a letter - anything to keep the juices flowing. If you write it, they will come.

Author: Writer Mom


I agree don’t stress and keep on trucking! And don’t forget to add networking into your job search; you never know who will be able to help you out.

Taylor Ashley
May 29, 2009

Greetings Writer Mom–

Yes, looking for your next gig can be a full time job, that’s how I found I am a correspondent for a Florida newspaper, but spent a couple of years ghostwriting for a book publisher in New York. Now I am looking to ghostwrite full time and found your posts and Nancy Cleary’s post most helpful.


Taylor Ashley

Nicole Feliciano
July 8, 2009

I too am a freelance writer. I get caught in the trap of working for too little at times. But since I have my own site to promote, getting a linked byline can make up for the difference in pay.

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