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How a hobby becomes a business

Back in 1992, right after my daughter was born, I began doing scrapbooking. Because of my “lost childhood”, having no memories, keepsakes or images of me-I swore I would not let this happen to my daughter. I wanted to cherish every moment and give her a full life story when she became an adult.

So, I went to the craft store, bought every cool scrapbooking thing I could find and went home to create. Days later I had a couple of pages done with fancy papers and heavy accents..the page probably weighed about 3 lbs! I realized quickly that I was not meant for traditional scrapbooking-it just was not “me”. So, I started doing “scrapbooking” on the computer and I LOVED it! I created page after page of collages with text and images. After additional research online I found several resources for digital scrapbooking and then I learned about bookbinding. WOO HOO! I was in heaven. When I had my first book complete I had shown it to some friends who went nuts over it…they suggested doing it for money. This was not something I had considered, but thought it was worth a shot!

A couple of months later, I attended a small craft show as an exhibitor with some of my collages framed, and a couple of books. The response was overwhelming and a good indicator that this COULD WORK!!!

Five years later, I am still doing it and have added so much to my offerings. I have a very niche market and contiue to evolve and grow.

So, moral of this story-NEVER under estimate where that work for yourself opportunity may come from, or what people may be interested in paying for. There are still days I wake up and am amazed I get paid for doing something I love so much. Just think about all the things you enjoy and love… can you morph that into a money making business?

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August 21, 2009

I too scrapbook. Started after seeing Lisa Bearnson on Oprah. My first project was a scrapbook for my oldest daughter’s high school graduation. I included something from the first 18 years. I had tons of paper, embellishments, you name it. I have since made a few more but I have yet to make one for myself. I have alot of unused supplies in my craftroom waiting patiently for their turn. Soon I tell them…your time is coming. Just as soon as I find an extra hour in the day. I wanted to try digital scrapbooking but I haven’t yet. since to be the new trend. I’ve made a few photo books and read about bookbinding but I haven’t tried it yet. My goal is to start binding my own books. Great minds…..
Maybe I have this technique mastered by the time my youngest graduates 2010.LOL
You sound very passionate about what you do…do what you love and the money will follow. continued success with your business.

August 21, 2009

If you have any sites that provide tutorials for bookbinding, please forward. Also, would love to see your work (if you have a website)

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