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Quoted in Forbes! Yeah US!

Posted by at 19 December, 2009, 7:21 am

We were thrilled to be quoted in Forbes this week. You have to scroll through the video.  It’s an article on when to logg off and on over the holidays.

Here’s my quote!

It’s best to keep your BlackBerry far from reach on the holiday itself, shares Diana Ennen, author of So You Want to Be a Work-At-Home Mom. One bad piece of news on Christmas morning can derail even the happiest of holidays. “Once I got an e-mail from a client stating that they would no longer need my services because of financial problems. It was a long-term client and a hard blow for my business. I couldn’t shake it all day.” Her holiday was spoiled by that e-mail, even though the client returned.


Thank goodness for Profnet and HARO.  It’s so great that you can connect directly with reporters who are looking for quotes.  Since I do PR, one thing too is that it’s not just getting quoted, but also letting others know that you were quoted.  With Social Bookmarketing that’s easier.  For example, you can share that link with places like, Digg, StumbleUpon, Your Twitter, Facebook, etc.  I’m just fully finding out about these sites, but it’s really amazing.


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Safe Sites for Finding Deals and Freebies

Posted by at 8 December, 2009, 10:36 am

It’s about time that I finally publish some posts for all the MompreneursOnline members! I’ll be doing my best to provide some valuable tips at least once a week.

As we all know, there are probably millions of freebie and deal websites out there on the Internet highway, but which ones are safe? We all want to save our hard earned dollars so I thought I’d share some sites I trust…in no particular order:

  1. Retail Me Not – Offers coupon and discount codes for 40,000 online stores
  2. Free Fun Guides – Publishes City Guides to Fun Free Things to Do
  3. Cities on the Cheap – Another great site for finding free or discounted deals locally.
  4. Wallet Pop – Offers some great money saving tips as well as a Wallet Pop Daily Deal
  5. Coupon Cravings – Erin hosts some fabulous giveaways and shares some great deals/discounts.
  6. Freebies4Mom – Heather is the master when it comes to finding freebies and shares her great finds on her site.
  7. Coupon Divas – Kitty provides a slew of printable coupons on her site.
  8. Kids Meal Deals – Great site for finding Kids Eat Free restaurants.
  9. ConsumerQueen – Melissa not only offers links to freebies and deals, but also offers coupon tips.
  10. – My husband and I regularly use Craigslist to buy and sell goods. We’ve had great success in locating some awesome deals saving us thousands of dollars.

If I can’t find what I’m looking for on one of these sites, like say a GoDaddy coupon code so I can renew my domains, I’ll conduct a search on Google for “godaddy promo codes 2009″. More than likely or will pop up.

Before I buy anything online, I’ll search for an online coupon code. It really only takes a few minutes, but can save you a few bucks!

Do you use a site not listed here to save money? Please share it with the rest of us by leaving a comment!


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Top 5 Ways to Leverage Facebook Fan Pages

Posted by at 3 December, 2009, 9:41 pm

Many small business owners are already on Facebook but are either still not sure that it is a good use of their time, or they see its potential but are just confused about how exactly it can work for them.  Starting a Fan Page for your business may be your answer.  But how can you use a Fan Page to achieve fantastic results?

1) The first way to leverage Fan Pages is to set up your Page for success. One of the first things you need to do when you set up a new Page is to give it a title.  A tip with this is to think about using keywords related to your business that you would like to be found for. You also want to choose a good, clear photo for your Page.  Another thing to note is to make sure you have filled out the Info tab on your Page thoroughly with all the relevant information about your business.

2) The second way to leverage Fan Pages is to build your Fan base. You have to be a little proactive about getting Fans, especially when your Page is new.  An easy way to invite people is to use the “Suggest to Friends” link underneath the picture on your Fan Page.  Facebook will then pull up a list of your Facebook friends and you would just click on the ones you want to send invitations to. You’ll want to consider people like former and current clients, people you’ve partnered with in your business, vendors you work with, people who you know have purchased from you before, etc.

3) The third way to leverage Fan Pages is to interact and engage with your Fans. Once you have some supporters of your Page, you want to encourage more dialogue and interaction between yourself and them and even among each other. The biggest impact comes from simply having conversations with people. One thing that I do on my Page is to just ask open-ended questions. Asking people to share experiences is another great way to get a dialogue going.

4) The fourth way to leverage Fan Pages is to provide good content. Offering regular content will naturally encourage interaction because you are giving people something to respond to.  You don’t need to come up with all the content yourself, either.  You might just link to an interesting article or blog post you have found on the web related to your business or industry. What content like this does is attract comments from your Fans, which is activity that in turn goes out into the News Feed.  The more activity on your Page then, the more attention to your Page you have a chance of attracting.

5) The fifth way to leverage Fan Pages is to use them to drive traffic to and from your blog or website. To do this, you definitely want to list your website in the Info section, and you also want to share links in your updates to your own site. You can also use an application like Notes to enter your blog feed so that it pulls your posts into your Page. You also want to add your URL to your email signature, and use the free badges and widgets Facebook provides that you can add to your website.  You can check out for those. Once you have something like this on your site, visitors can just click on it and they will land on your Page where they can become a fan.

So, if you don’t have a Page yet, head over to and start one now.  If you do have one set up, use these tips to help make your Page stand out, get noticed, and become a helpful destination for all of your raving Fans.

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