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You Drove Prospects to Your Site With Social Media – Now What?

Posted by at 30 July, 2009, 11:52 am

By now, you know that being active on social media sites is a great way to drive traffic to your website or blog. But what happens once those people have arrived at your site?

You need to have a way to capture those prospects before they click away forever. Having good content for them to enjoy once they land there is only one part of the equation. You want to offer them a way to provide their email address so that you have permission to keep in touch and build an ongoing relationship with them.

Once you’ve captured their information, you then have a way to present any future events, offerings or opportunities to them. But first you’ve got to hook them in! Here are the keys to accomplishing that.

Have a sign-up form for them to input at least their first name and primary email address. If you are using an email marketing service such as AWeber, Constant Contact or any other which provides autoresponders, you can easily create what is known as an “opt-in box” form and copy the code directly onto your website. I personally use AWeber, and they provide instructions for creating the form as well as the HTML code.

Place the sign-up box in a prominent place. Studies have shown that one of the most effective places to put the box is in the upper right-hand corner of the page “above the fold.” This simply means that you don’t want to make the person have to scroll down to see your form. When they visit your site you want their eyes to be drawn immediately to it. A good idea is to have the box stand alone without any distracting images or text around it.

Make it very clear what visitors need to do. In this case, simpler is better. The less choices people are given, the more likely they are to sign up. Describe what it is they get for giving you their information, have a place for their name and email address, a blurb on your privacy policy and a submit button.

Give an incentive for signing up with you. These days, people are bombarded with information and offers online. You need to have a compelling reason for people to hand over their information. In exchange for doing so, give them some type of freebie–a special report, an e-course, an audio file or something else that will appeal to them. Keep in mind that this offering does not have to be incredibly comprehensive. You can still put together something of value without it taking you more than a couple of hours to create.

Offer the ability to sign up on every page of your site. Because you never know from which page people will enter your website or blog, be sure to place your form not only on the home page, but each page that makes up your site.

Now, when you drive all of that social media traffic that’s hungry for more of what you offer, you have a way to continually keep in contact with them. They’ve decided to come and check you out–don’t leave them without a clear next step!

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Free Call on How to Do PR for Mompreneurs

Posted by at 29 July, 2009, 3:58 pm

I held a teleclass with another mom yesterday, and boy was that fun. There’s nothing like connecting live, with other mom entrepreneurs and working through marketing challenges together.

So since I get so much out of it, I’m going to be selfish here and host another class and you’re invited! ;-) The best part is, it’s free! Will you join me?

And as owner of an international PR firm for 10 years now, working with big name corporate clients, I do know this stuff!

Getting PR can help drive traffic to your website and generate big-time sales. After selling my own e-commerce company – all because of PR – my new found passion is to help other mompreneurs and smaller businesses get the publicity that your great companies deserve.

Register for this free call here:
How to Do Your Own PR

This class is for you if you’re a mompreneur who wants to save money by doing your own PR and just need a little help getting started.

Even if you already have my PR in Your Pajamas ebook, I guarantee you’ll get something valuable from this call.

Here is that link again:
How to Do Your Own PR

See you on the call!

PR in Your Pajamas – Practical Publicity for Mom Entrepreneurs

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Free 60 Minute Twitter Teleseminar

Posted by at 15 July, 2009, 12:38 pm

Are You Confused About How to Use Twitter to Get More Prospects, More Clients and More Cash Flow in Your Business? Then You’ll Want To Join Me Live on This Call!

I make no secret of the fact that I LOVE Twitter. A few short months ago I had less than 300 followers and very few subscribers to my blog. Now I am close to having 4,000 Twitter followers and 600 blog subscribers—not to mention that I have tripled the size of my newsletter subscriber list. I tell you this not to toot my own horn, but to impress upon you that you can use Twitter to do the VERY SAME THING in your business.

The bridge line holds less than 100 people, but don’t worry if you can’t make the call. It will be recorded and all registrants will receive the audio as well as the handout. (But if you make the call LIVE you will benefit from the Q & A at the end—as well as be eligible for my special offer!)

Th. 7/21 8pm ET


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PR Headlines That Get You Noticed

Posted by at 14 July, 2009, 10:34 am

I always start with the headline first when writing media pitches or press releases. Doing so helps keep me focused on the main point I want to get across and also, an interesting headline will mean the difference between a journalist opening your email and/or reading the rest of your story pitch.

Remember that reporters are busy and receive hundreds of emails, voice messages and requests for their time. Here are four headline ideas for pitching a reporter on your business that will get you noticed:

1. News Headline – remember that this has to be timely and news-worthy. Examples are when you first launched a new product, awards for your company, or company milestones.

  • Babyclothing company launches spring clothing line only in the color green
  • You awarded World Mompreneur of the Year Award

2. How to Headline – this type of headline gives a promise that you are going to teach something. You can use a basic a structure such as “How to (Do something) That (will give you this benefit).

  • How to Get Your Kids to Sleep Through the Night in 7 days
  • How to Start A Mom Entrepreneur Business That Earns Six Figures in the First Year And Still Maintain Your Sanity

3. Question Headline – for this to work, it must be a question that the reporter’s audience (and therefore your target market) would really like to see answered.

  • Do employers really know what moms are looking for in the workplace? (this could be the result of a survey, which can be an effective PR tactic especially for start up businesses in a crowded marketplace)
  • What are the Top 5 Business Models for a Mompreneur Business

The last example combines a question and my favorite type of headline…

4. List Headline – who doesn’t love a top 10 list? This type of headline lists a number of ways where you make a specific promise of what to expect if they read on and communicates information in bite-sized chunks.

  • The 10 Must-Do “Date-Nights” for Families
  • 8 Lessons from a Life Coach

So take a few minutes now (yes, now!) and brainstorm the types of headlines above that you can tailor to your business. Send a pitch today, and let me know if you get a media hit!

Elena Verlee
PR in Your Pajamas - Do-it-yourself Publicity for Mom Entrepreneurs

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Simple Ways to Measure Your Social Media Efforts

Posted by at 5 July, 2009, 6:04 pm

Business owners are used to tracking their results when it comes to marketing, whether online or off.  There are certain methods for calculating your return on investment which are usually rather straightforward.

Along comes social media marketing and suddenly measuring your ROI is not so cut and dry.  I am often asked how you can tell whether the time you’ve spent on social media activities is really making a difference.  Here are some easy (and free) ways to help determine whether your social media efforts are sizzling–or fizzling.

Profile engagement: In other words, are people in your target market commenting on your Facebook wall, inviting you to join groups on LinkedIn, replying to you on Twitter, and so on?

Blog comments: This will tell you not only that your content is fresh, interesting and worthy of reading–but that readers are willing to stick around and take the time to engage you.

Blog subscribers: If readers like what they see and want to be kept informed of each time you post, you can be sure you’ve struck a chord with them–and increased the possibility that they will respond positively to offers you make in the future.

E-zine subscribers: If the visitors being driven to your site by social media are being converted into newsletter subscribers, you know that you have appealed to them enough to further the relationship with you.  Getting their permission to communicate with them on a regular basis will only strengthen the “KLT” (know, like and trust) factor.

Website metrics: A free tool like Google Analytics makes it easy to see your unique visitors, time spent on the site, page views per visitor, frequency of visits, conversions and more.

Social bookmarking/social news: Are your blog posts being bookmarked or voted up on sites like Delicious, Digg and StumbleUpon?

Followers and friends: I will be the first person to say that quantity doesn’t always equal quality–but it is one indication of whether you’re being seen, heard and offering something of value.

Links from other blogs: Are other relevant sites linking to yours?  This means you are providing valuable content as well as posting with consistency.

Products/services sold: The ultimate goal, of course.  All of the indicators above help give you a clearer picture of whether it’s likely this goal will be reached.

So, it comes down to: Are you findable?  Are you being seen as an expert?  Do people want to find out more about what it is you do?

You may not be able to equate your interactions to dollars now, but you are planting seeds which can have big payoffs later on.  And that makes social media well worth most small business owners’ time.

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Summer Transitions

Posted by at 3 July, 2009, 10:33 am

Summer seems to be a challenging time for moms who are running a business and raising a family under the same roof. Many of us arrange our work time around school schedules…whether it’s nursery school or high school…and summer wreaks havoc on that plan! Plus, we all remember those days when we were in school and had the summers off. Even if we worked a summer job or two, the warm weather and lazier pace made summer more relaxed. Some of us want to feel that way again!

If summer is creating a desire in you to spend more time with your kids, laze around on the beach or in the backyard or simply chill out a little, go for it. The beauty of being a mompreneur is that you can more or less adjust your workload when you need to or want to. You might have to play catch-up in the Fall, but that’s when most buyers of products and services are more enthusiastic.

If your business demands are too big to ignore, perhaps you can set aside just one day per week for a “staycation” with your kids. Go to the local town pool or beach, play mini-golf, take in a movie….any  of these “breaks” will energize you and your family and make you appreciate summer!

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Share Some of Your Tips

Posted by at 2 July, 2009, 2:10 pm

Hi All –

How about if we start a post of sharing some of our best business tips?

Why don’t we tell a little bit about ourselves and our businesses?

Good way to start and get to know each other!!

I’ll start –

My name is Stephanie Hay and I live in Massachusetts.  I have been in direct sales for over 20 years.  I started with Tupperware in the mid 80s, BeautiControl in the early 90s, PartyLite, Creative Memories and NuSkin.  I am currently with Tastefully Simple and have been with them for over 6 years.

One of my tips is to talk to everyone and to always keep catalogs with you.  I have a catalog bag with a clear pocket on the outside that I carry with me at most times — great way to advertise your business.  I also have commercial plates and have advertising on my windows.  I get a decent amount of calls from my window decals.

I also leave business cards under my rear window wiper and find that people take my business cards from there also.  I have had a magnet holding business cards in the past and that worked also. 

I also make my own business card magnets by laminating them and them trimming and putting on a business card magnet.  I give everyone a business card magnet.  I find that the laminating gives it a more professional look and wasn’t very expensive when I bought the laminator.  I paid about $30 or so for it a few years ago and has been a very good investment.

Looking forward to sharing info and getting to know each other.

Have a great weekend!!

Stephanie Hay

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Money Saving Tips from The Success Factory

Posted by at 2 July, 2009, 2:02 pm



SUBJECT: $$ Saving Quick Tip #1

Today we start a new “mini-series” on saving money. Over the years, we have watched with dismay as some consultants abandon their party plan business far too quickly. “I wasn’t making enough money”, can be a common complaint. In our next several emails we will give some practical tips on how you can make more and spend less in your party plan business.

 Tip #1 Give it time! Most accountants will tell you that a new business takes 3-5 years to be truly profitable. In the party plan business, that cycle is far shorter. Give your business at least a year, preferably two, before declaring it unprofitable. In our organizations, we have reaped many of the rewards of ‘seeds’ that were planted by consultants who chose not to stay in the business long enough to enjoy the ‘fruits’ of their labors.

******************************************************************************SUBJECT: $$ Saving Quick Tip #2

Tip #2 Feed your mind…but do not break the bank. In this business, feeding your mind is one of the keys to staying on track, motivated and educated. Remember, that your local library is a resource available to all. A library card opens the door to valuable books, tapes, CD’s, magazine articles and internet access and the best thing is that it is FREE! 

If your upline or recruiter is local to your area, she may also be a source of books, tapes and CD’s such as the ones available through The Success Factory. (Always be respectful of returning these resources to her as she has most likely invested in them for the benefit of others on the team as well.)

******************************************************************************Subject: $$ Saving Tip #3 

Tip #3 – How are you choosing to re-invest the money you earn?  The rule of thumb is to ‘re-invest’ no more than 25% of your earnings back into your business. Make wise choices when reinvesting. 

Here are our thoughts on good vs. not so great ideas for ‘re-investment’ of funds: 

      Good choices…

o       Conventions and seminars – HOWEVER… be committed to using to the tips and ideas that you gather at these events to grow your organization, sales and income! When you do this, you will find that the investment that you made will pay back ten times over.

o       CATALOGS…Better and bigger than a business card, but only as good as the follow-up you do! 

o       Bulk mailings…again, only as effective as the follow up phone calls!

o       CANI (Constant and Never Ending Improvement) – Feeding your mind and slowly building a library to help feed your team’s mind.

o       Magnetic business cards vs. traditional business cards. Shop for the best price, but magnetic business cards will bring back business MUCH more frequently than a paper business card. 

      Not so great choices…

o       Too much inventory on hand. Now this we realize can vary depending on your company (consumables can be a different).  We are talking about regularly purchasing inventory in order to earn company promotions. A wise accountant once said, “Inventory is just money sitting on the shelf and it doesn’t pay bills!”

o       Giving ‘extra’ hostess gifts. Most hostess plans are lucrative enough on their own. Sell that at your parties! Extra gifts subliminally send the message that your company’s hostess plan isn’t rich enough and can send a message to prospective recruits that it costs a lot of money to run a party plan business.

o       Fliers for your neighborhood…cost is your time and $$ spent on ink and paper. Return is usually less than 1%. The personal touch is always best!

o       Advertising in general – like going to Las Vegas and gambling. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. You have to be able to afford to make nothing on an ad before running it.

o       Bulk mailings with no phone work involved.

·         “Logo wear”…ok in moderation, but wearing the logo does not make the sale, book the party or recruit the prospect.


Subject: $$ Saving Quick Tip #4             

Did you know that guests at parties give back RED pens? Think about that the next time you shop for office supplies!


$$ Saving Quick Tip #5

If you use and recycle pocket folders for guests at your parties, consider using manila file folder containing a catalog and order form at your parties. They are cheap (about 3 cents each) and something you WANT them to take with them. On the tab, print a label with your name, phone number and email address. They can take it home and file it with their important papers so they always know how to get in touch with you for future orders.



SUBJECT: $$ Saving tip #6 

Avoid spending extra money and time reshipping items to customers. Most companies will drop ship catalog orders directly to the customer. 

When you do need to reship, if you can, save old packaging and bubble wrap or peanuts from orders you have received at home. Avoid costly “mail it” services. Taking items to the post office or shipping UPS or FEDEX ground (depending on the weight of the item), is the most economical way to reship. Use the internet to websites of these services to “shop” for the best price for the package you are sending.

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